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  • Organización: Acción contra el hambre
  • Fecha límite: 31 de Marzo de 2018
  • Lugar: Madrid
  • Método de contacto:


Duración : 12 months 

Fecha de inicio : Inmediatamente 

Contribuirás a acabar con el hambre en el mundo por ...

  • Provide short-term technical and operational support to Action Against Hunger´s Food Security and Livelihoods (FSL) field operations, according to the needs of the organization.
  • Contribute to the technical development and capitalization of new approaches or innovations in the sector of Food Security and Livelihoods (FSL).

Las principales actividades que desempeñaras son las siguientes:

 Annual planning and follow-up

  • Supports the implementation of operational plans for AAH´s missions in Eurasia when relevant to do so.
  • Participates actively in the GGMs of Eurasia countries when relevant to do so.                                                                                                      


  • Helps in ensuring the coherence of FSL programs in Eurasia.


  • When needed, coordinates needs assessments in the field and writes assessment reports presenting key findings and recommendations for future actions.
  • Proposes relevant intervention methodologies for new FSL projects and participates in the identification of partners and consortium´s building when relevant to do so.
  • Participates or coordinates the proposal writing and budgeting (HR, LOG?) of new FSL projects as per requested.
  • Ensures the quality, relevance and coherence of new FSL projects to be presented to donors in collaboration with other FSL advisors based in HQ.
  • Supports if necessary the technical representation of AAH towards potential donors and/or partners during field missions.


  • Helps in the overall operational follow-up of FSL projects in Eurasia.
  • Helps in building efficient early warning systems to detect and anticipate problems in the implementation of FSL projects.
  • Supports the validation of key steps and tools / methodologies related to the implementation of FSL projects when needed.
  • Supports the supervision and improvement of technical archiving of FSL projects during field missions.
  • Ensures the proper use of AAH´s management tools by FSL teams in the field.
  • Ensures the application of AAH´s standard protocols and methodologies for the implementation of FSL activities
  • Participates in the quality control of the implementation of FSL projects / activities during field missions.

Recruitment and selection.

  • Participates in the definition and/or update of FSL job descriptions when relevant to do so.
  • Participates in the elaboration of technical tests for the recruitment of FSL staff in the field as per requested.
  • Participates in the recruitment process of FSL staff according to the needs.

Administrative management of staff

  • Participates in the administrative management of FSL staff during field missions when relevant to do so.

Supply of goods and services

  • Collaborates with the Logistics department for planning and monitoring supplies of goods and services related to FSL projects when relevant to do so.

Monitoring and Evaluation

  • Supports the elaboration of MEAL plans for FSL projects when needed.
  • Ensures the monitoring of AAH´s FSL core indicators in FSL projects.
  • Supports the consolidation of data from FSL programs / projects both to generate evidence of our impact and monitor FSL sectoral strategies.

Closing and reporting

  •  Supports the closure of FSL projects when asked to do so.
  • Contributes to the drafting and revision of reports and annexes related to FSL projects for donors as per requested.

Monitoring and control of data protection

  • Collaborates for the guarantee of data protection in FSL programs.

 Implementation of internal audits

  • Collaborates when needed to do so in the realization of internal audits related to FSL project.
  • Participates in the implementation and follow-up of FSL preventive checks.

 Answer to external audits

  • Collaborates with the Finances Department for external audits as requested to do so.


  • Provides support for the management of complaints from partners and / or beneficiaries related to FSL projects when needed.
  • When needed, collaborates in the design, implementation and evaluation of existing feedback systems in AAH´s missions, with a focus on FSL activities.

Internal communication

  • Supports the smooth communication between FSL teams from HQs and missions.
  • Ensures the feedback of information to the relevant persons in case of any major problem identified in the field.
  • Writes a report at the end of each short-term mission with useful recommendations for the HQ and mission.

Sectoral strategy

  • Participates when possible to do so in the definition, monitoring and evaluation of the FSL strategy at global level.
  • Participates in the watch of new approaches linked to the FSL sector globally.

Mission-sectoral-structure strategy

  • Participates in the understanding of FSL-related problems and issues in Eurasia.
  • Participates in the analysis of strategic positioning of AAH in the FSL sector in Eurasia.
  • Supports when needed the definition and monitoring of mission and sectoral strategies in Eurasia.


  • Participates when needed in the analysis, design, planning and monitoring of FSL technical advocacy actions in Eurasia.
  • Participates in the definition and diffusion of FSL technical position papers.

Knowledge management

  • Helps in the consolidation and analysis of FSL data throughout the whole project cycle management.
  • Helps in the identification of bad/good practices and lessons learned from the FSL programs implemented on the ground.
  • Ensures the dissemination and integration of recommendations coming from evaluations done within FSL projects.
  • Helps in the elaboration and dissemination of new technical guides and manuals for the implementation of new approaches in the FSL sector.

Identification of training needs

  • Helps in the identification of training needs for FSL teams.

Creation and update of training contents

  •  Participates in the creation and/or update of FSL training contents.

Design, organization, provision and evaluation of internal training

  • When needed provide trainings related to FSL on the ground and/or at HQ.

Esta descripción encaja contigo? 

  • Master degree in Agronomy or Economy.
  • Technical specific knowledge: Programming, needs assessment, project design, project implementation, monitoring and Evaluation.
  • Minimum of 3 years of field experience in the sector of FSL, occupying key technical management positions within NGOs (as coordinator, technical expert or technical assistant).
  • Field experience in both emergency and development contexts.
  • Strong experience in conducting needs assessment and developing proposals.
  • Experience in Training delivery is a plus.
  • Very good technical knowledge of the whole spectrum of the FSL sector from emergency to long-term programming, ideally in rural and urban contexts (agriculture, cash-based interventions, market-oriented interventions, social protection?).
  • Knowledge of the Middle East context is a plus.
  • Ability to develop and implement projects in complex humanitarian settings.
  • Knowledge on how to work with local and/or international partners.
  • Previous experience with Action Against Hunger on the ground (as staff or consultant) is a plus.
  • Fluent for writing and speaking in at least 2 languages: English + French or English + Spanish.
  • Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Outlook).
  • Open Data Kit (ODK) or equivalent.
  • Maximum 70% of the time dedicated to short-term support missions or gap filling in the different countries where Action Against Hunger operates.
  • Field deployment for a period of 2 consecutive months maximum.
  • Opportunity to work in different contexts.

Nuestro paquete retributivo:

  • Work contract (12 months).
  • Salary: 27.000 -30.000 euros/gross/year based on the candidate experience.
  • 25 working days of paid leave per year.
  • Meal vouchers.


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